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I am all about classic movies and television, old Hollywood, those glamorous men and women of yesteryear. I love camp and kitsch and humor (tasteful and blue). I am an old soul living in another era in spirit. I LOVE MUSIC. I have an especially soft spot in my heart for JERRY LEWIS in every medium he has ventured (and reigned). JL's contributions to music make me so HAPPY and I love collecting them! I could look at pictures of his (and pictures of him) all day. I absolutely LOVE JERRY LEWIS (always have)... I am a virtual treasure trove of useless information--but titillated by it all the same.... I also dig some modern celebrities and popular culture--but my heart belongs to the past. I do not own, or claim to own any of the photos (except for the ones I specifically say that I took, or own).
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Al Roker and JL yesterday in NYC.
Source: Jerry Lewis Forever Facebook


Jerry Lewis slips Jimmy a dirty note in the middle of their interview!

Jerry was just “ON” during his appearance on Fallon last night! He was so frisky with Jimmy…


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis after their bowling game together, 1955.

These two!!

classickat is right: with Patti there, it was like Jerry was on a date with his two loves!

Jerry hamming it up with Dean in Scared Stiff, 1953

They are such doll faces!

Anonymous Asked:
i could stay here just listening to the songs that play,i love jerry's music♥ thank you:) you have a gif in your archive of jerry in a football outfit,do you know what episode thats from? i need to see it!^_^

My answer:

Thank you! I LOVE JL’s music so much! Can you copy the URL and send it to me, so I can see what GIF/pic you speak of? It’s a lot to remember specifics, lol.

JL goofing on the set of The Big Mouth.

I love when Jerry does this look when he is all ‘verklempt’ over a dame…

Her cup runneth over, lol

Jer explaining how he came to have a swordfish through his body, lol, in Hook, Line and Sinker.


Jerry Lewis in different characters for scenes for the film Hollywood or Bust 1956).


Rest in Peace Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014).

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

     ——-Robin Williams



"o-oh, you startled me. Can I help ya?" Jerry asked.


Frank Tashlin & Jerry Lewis on the set of “The Bellboy”

Jerry Lewis and Michael Landon make satirical comments to clips from Landon’s 1957 flick I Was a Teenage Werewolf on the Jerry Lewis Show (September 24, 1968).

See what I mean?

What I’d really like to see right now is Jerry Lewis taking a photograph of Ursula Andress and Woody Allen ~ WAIT…there you go!


Pretty much anyone you can think of has been in a photo with JL….

Source: Jerry Lewis Forever FB page


Well, if a man with an ulcer and a splinter in his finger and a nail in his foot was then struck by lightning, if you could say that man was not hurt, then yes, you could say I’m not hurt.

The Nutty Professor (1963, dir. Jerry Lewis)


Jerry Lewis, self portrait, late 1950’s.